Humans Just Achieved 24/7 “Live from Space” Public Broadcast

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Mind blowing stats. Stunning visuals. Our International Space Station travels at 17,150 miles per hour (27,600 km/h). That’s 4.79 miles per second (7.71 km/s). Which means it orbits earth more than 15 times a day. And people are inside the ISS. We can officially marvel at the first 24/7, live from space broadcast.


  • The cameras change so stick around for the forward-facing curve of the earth shot. I promise its worth it.
  • Play music while you watch – this is a no-audio video feed

As of April 30, 2014, the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment commenced in an effort to test camera equipment in space environments. Even crazier, a group of high school students, as part of the High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) program, helped design some of the hardware that’s floating 220 miles above the Earth on the ISS. This is to educate the ISS community on the use of high quality camera equipment for future missions.


We are but specs of dust in the grand scheme of things. However that scheme came to be is well beyond our realm of knowledge. We have theories at best. We get one shot at life and the years go by quickly. Enjoy them because, no matter ethnicity, religion, sex, etc, we are all born butt-ass naked, fumble through life, and die. Grim when simplified, but true.

With the time we do have, it might as well be spent working towards improving each other’s condition. Be it with love, encouragement of friends, charitable efforts, conservation for future generations, being there for family, or simply taking the dive when you’re just not sure.

Life is a balance of selfishness and selflessness. They each serve each other. You may need to take that trip to Bali to discover yourself. Somewhere in that, you’ll find your desire to help others. Or, in your helping others, you’ll learn that you need to focus more on yourself before you are able to give the whole of you back to the world.

If you consider that our lives are an hour glass glued to the table (thank you Anna Nalick for the lyric), it’s fair to say, cut the bullshit and live a good one because it might be the only one we have.

*a grey screen means the HDEV is experiencing a signal loss with the ground or is non-operational
*a black screen would likely mean the ISS in on the dark side of earth


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